Novi Sad - Gigapixel panorama

Mensa Serbia hosts the IBD 2015 in the city of Novi Sad

Why Mensa Serbia?

Mensa Serbia was founded in 1998. Reached the status of Full National Mensa in 2001. From 2005 on has 1000+ member (159,74 members/million).
With the approval of Mensa International and the support of Ed Vincent – the Executive Director at the time, Mensa Serbia helped the development of Mensa in Ex-Yugoslav countries.
Our members are mainly young people, university students. The great majority speaks English fairly well. Mensa Serbia organizes many activities and several (inter)national gatherings per year.
We are very proud of the projects that members of Mensa Serbia have initiated, which are now living throughout Mensa International, such as: Mensa photo cup, NTC learning system. Our members are active in international committees:  Gifted Youth Committee, IEC, LEAP committee. We also had 2 LEAP participants in previous 5 years.
This is the first IBD meeting that Mensa Serbia is hosting. For our members, this is a great opportunity  to meet international members, and to present you our beloved Serbia. More about Mensa Serbia.

Why Serbia?

Why would you like to visit this small country at the South East of Europe?
Maybe because it was declared one of the Best in Travel 2015 by the Lonely Planet
Or because we have delicious home made (soul) food and wines, at very modest costs.
Or simply because you haven’t visited Serbia before…
More details and useful tips

Why Novi Sad?

Novi Sad is the second largest Serbian city, capital of the Province of Vojvodina; seat of Mensa Serbia. Traditionally tolerant and hospitable with the population of approx 400.000 inhabitants, and 28 nationalities. It is one of the most multicultural communities in the Balkans.
The Danube river keeps secret about the (17th century) Fortress of Petrovaradin that guards it for centuries.
Mt Fruska gora National park with its moderate climate has a reach tradition in wine production – served once upon a time on the courts of Maria Theresa and on Titanic.
“Salashi” – restaurants at the farmsteads, return he visitors to the old times with their relaxed atmosphere, presenting the traditional way of living at Serbian villages.
Nowadays Novi Sad is the home of the EXIT music festival, many cultural attractions such as Mileva Maric Einstien museum. It is also a city of sports – hometowns of famous tennis player Monika Seles, any many gold medal winners in different sports. Read more…