Dear guests, Mensa members and friends,

IBD 2015 organization team prepared a rich program for IBD members, but also for all other participants who would like to attend this international event and explore Serbia.

The delegates will be offered some tours of Serbia and entertainment in the evenings, after the IBD sessions. Please check the page Delegate Events.

For accompanying family members, friends, international and local Mensa members, we are proposing the program on the page Non-Delegate Events. Please note that any Mensa member is also welcome to attend the IBD sessions.

The Post IBD tour of Serbia is intended to present Serbia to international members and other guests. Our intention is not to impress you by luxury hotels and modern cities – we are sure you have those in your countries, even bigger, newer and much more modern. What makes difference in Serbia is our rich history, beautiful nature, Serbian tradition that still lives in smaller towns and villages. And above all, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to feel famous Serbian hospitality. Therefore, this tour will take you to our National Parks and other national beauties – far away from bigger cities, to the picturesque households of East Serbia, to the roots of Serbian medieval state, and of course to the local Mensa groups, eager to welcome you in their communities.

Please register for any of the above events at our Registration page. Note that prices for all events will go up after September 15, 2015. Therefore, please register as soon as possible!

During the IBD meeting, Mensa Serbia is also organizing  a gathering for local members, program soon to be presented. This local program will contain lectures, sports and other leisure activities. The international members and friends are also welcome to join these activities. You will be able to register for sports and other local activities shortly before the event, or on arrival to Novi Sad.

Register now for IBD 2015 and enjoy traditional Serbian hospitality!!!