bal_dvorana hotel Park


Gala dinner is a traditional event at major international Mensa events. It is intended to bring together all or the great majority of participants of the event and to provide them with the possibility to enjoy great company, delicious food and wines and some artistic program and fun. Recommended, though not obligatory dress code is: evening dresses for ladies and suits for gentleman.

The attendees will be served a predetermined international menu. Local wines and water will be included – 1 bottle of white and 1 bottle of red wine and water per table.

The program will consist of several artistic performances, in the attempt to present a wide diversity of Serbian culture. Our culture is a mixture of local tradition, strongly influenced both from the orient and from the western world, and spiced by the arts of our national minorities.

Gala dinner will take part at the Ball room of the hotel Park, on Saturday, October 3, 2015.
The price per person is 35 EUR for registration until September 15, 2015 or 45 EUR for later registration.