Dear IBD delegates, this is the schedule for your IBD 2015 meeting. As you will be busy most of the day with IBD sessions, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to explore Novi Sad and Belgrade in the evenings, after the meetings. By registering for the event at our Registration page, you will automatically be registered for all the events listed on this page, and for accommodation at hotel Park. You will also have to fill the separate Transfer form to order the transfer from/to the airport. This form will  appear when you check “yes” at the question “Do you need a transfer to-from hotel Park” on the Registration page.

Your accompanying family members, friends or fellow Mensans (non-delegates) will need to check the Non-delegate events page, which includes, of course, all these tours and social program available to delegates, and much more. Non-delegates will need to register (at the Registration page) for each tour, dinner or other social event from the program that they would like to attend, as well as for the transfer from/to the airport.

Finally, on order to present you our beautiful Serbia, our natural and historical attractions, our tradition and our famous hospitality, we invite you to register for the Post IBD tour of Serbia, October 5 – October 11, 2015.

Time Wednesday 30.09.’15. Thursday 01.10.’15. Friday 02.10.’15. Saturday 03.10.’15. Sunday 04.10.’15. Monday 05.10.’15.
09:00 Arrival of ExComm members Arrival of IBD members, accommodation at hotel Park/ ExComm meeting IBD meeting IBD meeting IBD meeting Departure of the
post IBD tour of Serbia
/Transfer to the airport
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 IBD meeting IBD meeting Belgrade tour, half day
17:00 Pause Free time
17:30 Sightseeing tour of Novi Sad
18:00 Lecture: NTC learning system, by Dr Ranko Rajovic@ Master center
18:30 Documentary movie about Mensa Serbia
19:30 Dinner for ExComm members Ice breaker @ Master center Gala Dinner with program @Ballroom, hotel Park
20:00 Dinner under the Fortress
21:00 → to office
22:00 Free time Helsinki party(@ Mensa office Novi Sad)
24:00 Go to sleep or else… 🙂

The sightseeing of Novi Sad by bus and by walk, 2 hours, on Friday, after the IBD sessions. Delegates and guests are welcome to attend: Novi Sad Tour

Half day trip to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, with the sightseeing, on Sunday, after the IBD sessions: Belgrade Tour

Lecture on Thursday afternoon: NTC system of learning by the founder of Mensa Serbia and of the NTC learning system, Dr Ranko Rajovic

Note for new delegates: The Helsinki party is the informal good-by party which was spontaneously organized for the first time at the IBD meeting in Helsinki. From that time, this party is named “Helsinki party”.