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Post IBD tour of Serbia October 5 – October 11, 2015

Serbia is breathtakingly beautiful country on the mountainous Western Balkan, part of the Corridor VII or Danube going through Serbia, rich in history and outstanding cultural heritage from the Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and modern times. Serbian Cultural Heritage and preserved Medieval Monasteries treasure fabulous fresco paintings and icons. Serbia features diversity of the landscape and amazing customs of the Serbian population and members of 17 national minorities. The Cultural Heritage of Serbia represents the peak of architecture and art of the Serbian Medieval State. The biographies of the Serbian Medieval rulers are the very beginning of the Serbian literature. Pilgrimage trips feature exploration of the rich religious attractions, with the aim of discovering the truth in the history and provide the most efficient way to understand the past eras.

Explore Serbia, join our Post IBD tour!

Tours and Events for Delegates and Non-delegates During IBD 2015

IBD 2015 organization team prepared a rich program for IBD members, but also for all other participants who would like to attend this international event and explore Serbia. Check out details of our program and we are sure that you’ll find something just right for your taste 🙂

Novi Sad Tour
Belgrade Tour
Subotica Tour
Fruska gora Tour
Gala Dinner
Lecture: NTC Learning System
Check out full program for IBD 2015!

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Traveling to Serbia

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Transfer to Novi Sad

Upon arrival to Serbia, you will probably need transfer to Novi Sad and Hotel Park.

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