Your Feedback is welcome!

Feel free to send us your feedback upon completion of IBD 2015, of everything you’ve noticed during your stay in Serbia, whether it’s good or bad, so that we all can learn from it.

Especially if you can take a few moments of your time, to write real articles about the event, your stay, Novi Sad, Serbia, people, organization, food, weather, music, personal feelings and experiences or whatever you would like to write about and we will publish all your texts and photographs on our IBD 2015 website News section.

We think that’s gonna be a nice follow-up of the whole event, for everyone to read and as well for the organisers of next IBD meeting, so that they can learn from our experience.

At least send us some nice pictures 🙂

All texts and photographs can be sent to IBD organization contact email, or directly to my private address (best option), or my Mensa address
And if you really have a lot of pictures, then it is easier to upload them to Google Drive, or to Dropbox and just send the url (link).

We hope we’ll be swamped with your feedback texts 🙂

We wish you all a good stay in Serbia!